Apr 03, 2013

Drinking Water Filtration System Provides Increased Production

3M Pro’s high-pressure booster pump keeps production steady

3M 3M Pro Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System Aquatech

3M Purification introduced the 3M Pro reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system. The system helps provide clean, better-tasting water using multistage filtration and includes a high-pressure booster pump for increased production. The addition of the booster pump gives it a consistent pressure of 100 psi and the ability to deliver 36 to 50 gal of clean, great-tasting water per day.

While a standard RO filter system relies on a home’s own water pressure — typically ranging from 30 to 60 psi, and subject to variations—the 3M Pro RO’s booster pump delivers a consistent driving pressure of 100 psi regardless of the regular feed pressure coming into the home, increasing its production. An additional advantage of the new system is its electronic pressure switch, set to activate at 40 psi and shut off at 60 psi. Traditional line pressure RO systems use standard shutoff valves, typically turning on at one-third line pressure and off at two-thirds line pressure. The 3M Pro RO’s electronic pressure switch allows the system to provide more water in the tank at a higher delivery pressure. Furthermore, the system is optimized with a commercial-grade transformer for additional quality assurance.

The system is compact for a booster pump system, and can be installed centrally in a home with lines run to multiple faucets or appliances. With its quick tank recovery and consistent pressure, it is a convenient for sinks in kitchens, baths and wet bars, as well as for refrigerators.

The system shares many benefits with its predecessor model, the 3M reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system. Both systems reduce sediment and "off" tastes and odors, and feature a sanitary, encapsulated RO membrane and carbon block post-filter for high flow from a dedicated faucet. The systems can be easily installed under the sink for dedicated drinking and cooking water use, and have a sanitary quick change design, allowing for fast and easy replacement filter changeouts without the need for a filter wrench. These filter systems help conserve water by shutting down when the storage tank is full, and automatically turn on to refill the tank. The products are designed for both chlorinated and nonchlorinated municipal or well systems.

The new system will be showcased at the WQA Aquatech USA 2013 show, April 3 to 4 in Indianapolis. At the 3M booth, #1115, visitors can speak with representatives to learn more about the system, as well as to learn about the 3M Authorized Dealer Program. 3M authorized dealers receive exclusive geographic territories, dedicated customer service and ongoing training opportunities to help them stay on top of changes in the industry.