Aug 16, 2021

Englewood, Colorado, Drinking Water Tests Positive For E. coli

The water advisory ended for Englewood Zone 1 on Aug. 6, 2021.


The city of Englewood, Colorado issued a boil order for its residents after a sample came back positive for E. coli bacteria. 

According to the city, on Aug. 4, a boil water advisory was issued to customers in Zone 1 because the presence of E.coli was confirmed in the water in a section of the city. 

“Englewood followed the appropriate protocols and required regulatory processes that have been established for decades,” said Ron Falco, safe drinking water program manager for Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) in a news release regarding the contamination. “On Aug. 2, the City of Englewood collected 11 water samples according to routine water monitoring processes. The lab provided results on Aug. 3 indicating E.coli at one sample location. Such tentative identification requires repeat sampling to confirm the situation, as single false-positive test results do occur."

According to Falco, the results received on Aug. 4 confirmed the presence of E.coli in drinking water in the affected area highlighted on this map

According to the city of Englewood, the city collects water quality samples at the beginning of each month. Aug. 3 and 4 saw the collection of water quality sample from 24 sites throughout the City’s water system, reported CBS Denver. One sample site of the 24 sample sites was found to contain the presence of E. coli

The city recommended that everyone who lives in the highlighted area of the map boil their water for at least 3 minutes before use. The cause of the positive E. coli sample has yet to be identified. In the meantime, the distribution system is being monitored and the city is conducting additional testing.

Swedish Medical Center is in the impacted area as well, but according to hospital spokesperson Stephanie Sullivan, facility operations and patient care has not been affected. 

Englewood residents who are serviced by Denver Water were not affected by the boil water advisory, reported CBS Denver.

The water advisory ended for Englewood Zone 1 at 11:45 a.m. on Aug. 6, 2021.

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