Oct 28, 2021

Hamtramck, Michigan, Distributes Water Filters & Bottles Due to Lead in Water

The city encourages residents to check whether their homes have a lead service line.

lead in water

Hamtramck, Michigan, home to 28,000 residents, is experiencing high lead in drinking water.

These results come after sampling 42 homes this year, reported the city on its website.

The lead 90th percentile for the City’s water supply is 17 parts per billion (ppb), exceeding the Action Level of 15 ppb.

According to the city, it has partnered with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to distribute one free water filter with replacement cartridges per address to Hamtramck residents on Oct. 21, 2021. 

These distribution centers are open from 11am until 2 pm in the Hamtramck Town Center parking lot located at 9215 Joseph Campau. More distribution events will be scheduled and posted in the upcoming weeks. The city also passed out bottled water to hundreds of residents, reported CBS Detroit.

Six sites were over the Action Level for lead, according to the city.

The city encourages residents to check whether their homes have a lead service line, and then they will send a comprehensive public education document about lead in drinking water. Additionally, Hamtramck will be collecting water samples from 60 homes every six months and reviewing the results.

“The water itself is fine. The issue is the outdated lead services lines that in some cases are leaching lead into the water into individual homes,” said Mayor Karen Majewski, reported AP News.

According to Majewski, Hamtramck has replaced 260 lead lines over the past year and needs funding to remove more of them.

If any resident wants their child’s blood screened for lead or a test for themselves, they can do this through their own health care provider or you can schedule an appointment with the Wayne County Healthy Communities local office, reported CBS Detroit. 

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