May 01, 2019

WQA Releases 2019 Consumer Opinion Survey

American’s concern about the quality of drinking water has grown over the past two years

American’s concern about the quality of drinking water has grown over the past two years

The Water Quality Assn. (WQA) has released an opinion survey about American’s concern over the quality of drinking water. According to the 2019 WQA Consumer Opinion Study, their concern has grown since the last survey completed in 2017.

In Jan. 2019, a survey was conducted by Applied Research-West Inc. (ARW) According to a WQA release, the study looks into the concerns Americans have about their water. This is the seventh time in 15 years that WQA has commissioned this particular research team.

The results were released during the WQA Convention & Exposition. Major findings include: 25% of households in America are very concerned about the quality of their house’s water supply, and 26% are just concerned; concern regarding the safety of tap water has grown since the 2017 study (48%); 80% of households get municipal water, while 12% have well water and 8% are unsure of the origin; and users of both municipal water and well water are not confident their water supply is safe.

According to the release, most Americans are knowledgeable about what contaminants might be found in their water supply and almost half identify lead as the primary substance of concern.

Previous studies show more than half of households claims knowledge of contaminants in their water supply; 47% identify lead specifically as a contaminant without prompting; and 88% are aware that lead and chlorine may be found, while fewer mentioned arsenic, radium and pharmaceuticals.

According to the release, the report presents the findings of a survey conducted by ARW between Jan. 1 and Jan. 30, 2019. 1,405 adults over the age of 18 and living in private households were interviewed. ARW used a random sampling procedure and the results are representative of all U.S. adults over 18.    

The majority of Americans bought a water treatment system when they moved into their home, according to the study. However, the overwhelming majority bought a simple system. 63% purchased a treatment system when they moved into their home; 40% bought a point-of-use/point-of-entry product or a refrigerator filter (37%) while the remaining purchases were dominated by reverse osmosis (11%).

View the complete report here.