Jul 29, 2015

Drip Irrigation Water Treatment Awarded Patent

The new invention maintains free-flowing water in low-flow irrigation networks.

Ch2O Inc. drip irritation water treatment patent

Low-flow irrigation networks have become more in demand as agriculturalists have been working toward sustainability and saving water. A disadvantage with these types of systems is that they are inclined to plugging. CH2O Inc.'s Chairman, Carl E. Iverson, has invented a water treatment method which promotes water flow in low-flow irrigation networks, and it has been issued U.S. Patent Number RE45,550 E. Fish & Richardson P.C. provided legal assistance during the patent issuing process.

In an effort to conserve water, farmers and horticulturists are utilizing new irrigation methods. Drip irrigation or low volume irrigation can help reduce water consumption (for example, up to 70%) compared to traditional irrigation systems. Other benefits are reductions in fertilizer needs and increases in crop yield. The downside to using the new systems is that the small emitters may become plugged due to biological growth and crystallization of water's naturally occurring minerals. Once plugged, the water flow is restricted or completely obstructed. The patented water treatment method by CH2O Inc. eliminates these defects and encourages adequate water and nutrient flow to the crops.

One of CH2O Inc.'s clients, Westerlay Orchids, has used the patented method.

“The process is like a vaccine for my plants,” said Toine Overgaag, flower grower and owner of the orchid supply company, citing the water treatment method's ability to help reduce waterborne pathogens and bacteria.

Since the Food Safety Modernization Act was recently issued, which requires agricultural water to be acceptable and pure for its use, the decrease of E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella in irrigation water is a rising concern.