DS Waters Announces New CEO

CEO Dillon Schickli announces retirement; Tom Harrington to serve as new CEO

DS Waters of America Inc. CEO Tom Harrington Dillon Schickli

DS Waters of America Inc. announced the retirement of its CEO, Dillon Schickli, and that its board of directors has named Tom Harrington to serve as the company's new CEO, effective immediately. Harrington previously served as the company's president and chief operating officer; his new role combines the previously divided roles of president and CEO.

Schickli first joined DS Waters in 2005 as co-CEO and board member, and under his leadership the company quickly saw improvements in financial performance, customer service and operating efficiency. In 2012, under the guidance of both Schickli and Harrington, DS Waters achieved its strongest net customer growth in more than a decade and had improved year-over-year financial performance, including record revenue. "We are now leading the HOD water industry in growth and are a major player in the office coffee service and filtration businesses," Schickli said. "I believe that our 2013 prospects for further gains in customer growth and financial performance are great, and I expect the company will exceed its goals for financial performance."

Harrington's contributions to the company's strong 2012 performance include both leading the acquisition and integration of the Standard Coffee Service Co. and executing DS Waters' expanded strategy to become a leading direct-to-consumer beverage services provider. "I can think of no one more deserving or capable of taking over leadership of DS Waters," Schickli said.  "Knowing that the company will be in good hands under the leadership of Tom and the rest of our experienced management team has made my decision to retire much easier."

Harrington brings 27 years of beverage industry experience to his new role as the company's chief executive, including nine years with DS Waters. After joining the company in 2004 as senior vice president of the central division, he served as western division president in 2005 and was promoted to chief operating officer in 2008 and president in 2011. Prior to joining DS Waters, Harrington was in the carbonated soft drink industry, where he held various roles within Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. and Coca-Cola North America, including vice president and general manager of Coca-Cola Enterprises in both the New York and Chicago divisions.

DS Waters of America Inc.

very poor service

I have been a loyal customer for many years and have recommended your services to others in the past. However, I am ready to spread the word that your are no longer customer oriented.

I moved in July of this year and asked for my account to be terminated. I had several bottles of water on had and my route man told me to set them out when they were empty and he would pick them up as he made his rounds.

The first week of August I set them out but they were not picked up. I called and was told they would be picked up Aug. 16, 2017.

I have since received a letter that my account is past due for the charges for 3 bottles. I went by the old house and they are still on the patio. I have talked to several different people since then, 4 of whom have assured me the bottles would be picked up and the account cleared of all charges.

I now have received another "past due" phone call and a "past due" post card.
I cannot deal with the web site as the account is closed and won't pull up on the computer.

I even chased down the truck driver on Monday this week and he said he would turn around and go back and pick up the bottles.
As of this morning they were still there!!!!!

Please take care of this for me quickly. I don't want my credit hindered by lack of proper service by your company.

Thank you, Roberta J. Kenison
Customer #5818486 12656929

Re: very poor service

Hi Roberta,

I'm sorry you're having trouble with your bottled water service! However, WQP is not affiliated with DS Services, so the company is unlikely to see your complaint here. I can only recommend that you get in touch with their customer service department again: https://www.water.com/support.jsf.

Kate Ferguson
WQP Editor-in-Chief

Schickli said. "Knowing that the company will be in good hands

it would seem that since the change over of CEO's that the business of customer service has slip considerably in the last 4 years. after reading many displeased reviews and my own experience with sparkletts. my 88yr old mother-law has had delivery of water for over 30yrs . this in of itself should have a little customer priority should of mattered ,it does not with this new CEO because the bottom line is that they control must of the water delivery systems now and competition is thin,. i say this because it starts at the top , he has not fix the problems in the field or practices of the sales force. remember Thomas you are only as good as your weakest link . now for me i understand the pitfalls of business ,that is why i waited called numerous times to try to fix our issues , no return call from district manger or even a personal contact number to the delivery guy , only a new computerized system that my 88 yr old mother could not figure out or begin to use . so as i write this comment in hopes that someone of importance will read or pass along . i consider canceling and installing my own in-home filter system as i am a contractor and ds water does come from the tap anyway . i'll try again one more time in my efforts to address our concerns with the people at the bottom in the field to make an gesture of loyalty for over 30yrs of service .

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