DTI Partners with USFilter for Integrated Operations, Water Treatment Technology

DuPont Textiles and Interiors (DTI) and USFilter have entered into a 15-year outsourcing agreement for process water services and capital improvements in Victoria, Texas. As part of the agreement, USFilter will build, own and operate the new 3,000 gpm high purity water treatment system.

"This partnership between USFilter and DTI is a win-win situation for both companies," said Bruce Chinn, site manager. "DTI benefits from USFilter's state-of-the-art technology with no capital investment."

Due to an aging water treatment system, DuPont began exploring alternative technologies and water treatment operations.  For several years, DuPont and USFilter engineers worked closely to develop a water treatment solution to provide higher quality water on a more consistent basis; reduce total dissolved solids, suspended solids and nitrate discharged to the local river by 460,000 pounds per year; reduce lime solids to solid waste landfill by 1.6 million pounds per year; reduce monthly operating costs; and increase reliability of system through use of advanced technology.

In order to meet these objectives, USFilter offered a sophisticated technology and water management solution.  First, water is drawn from DuPont's water basin, which is fed by the Guadalupe River, and pretreated using Memcor® continuous microfiltration (CMF) technology.

Next, the high quality water is fed to a reverse osmosis system, which replaces the facility's existing hot lime softening process.  Finally, the purified water is further softened and distributed to boilers as feedwater and other production areas within the facility.

DTI's commitment to a clean, safe and healthy environment is reflected in the new water treatment process. The CMF and reverse osmosis systems eliminate the need to handle and store large volumes of chemicals. Also, by eliminating the old hot lime softening system, the facility is able to reduce its waste by 1.6 million pounds per year.

"With our unique combination of technology offering and water treatment expertise, we were able to bring DTI lowered costs, increased operational efficiency and the latest technology at no capital cost," said Andy Seidel, president, USFilter. "DTI's decision to partner with USFilter on this important project illustrates the increasing need for unique and creative technology and operations solutions."

USFilter, who currently holds the top position in the industrial outsourcing market for water and wastewater services, according to Public Works Financing, provides water and wastewater services to thousands of companies across the nation. USFilter will operate and maintain the process water treatment facility, following its start up in March 2004.

The DTI facility located in Victoria, Texas produces intermediate chemicals for the production of nylon fiber. The facility produces 20 percent of the world's nylon intermediate and 50 percent of the nylon intermediate used in Stainmaster® carpet.

DuPont Textiles & Interiors (DTI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont, is the largest integrated fiber business in the world, with 2002 revenues of $6.3 billion, operating in 50 countries.


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