Dunn Solutions Group to Modernize North Carolina DENR Wastewater/Drinking Water

Dunn Solutions Group has been awarded a major contract by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) to modernize and automate its Financial Information Control System (FICS). NCDENR uses FICS to administer and track $800 million in annual funds for the construction and improvement of wastewater treatment facilities.

Originally built using state-of-the-art technologies, FICS now is neither fast enough nor sophisticated enough to meet NCDENR's needs. Also, it does not comply with the North Carolina's current software architecture standards, and does not integrate effectively with the state's accounting system and other key financial applications.

Dunn Solutions will design, develop and deploy a new system, Loans and Grants Management System (LGMS), using cutting-edge software tools. LGMS will offer better versions of FICS's core features, plus a number of important improvements, including:

-Enhanced reporting and inquiry capabilities;

-Full compliance with the state's forward-looking software and systems standards; and

-Improved integration and data sharing with other state systems.

In addition, the new system will be used to manage $420 million in loans and grants for the construction and improvement of drinking-water treatment facilities for NCDENR's Public Water Supply Section. In all, more than $1.2 billion in loans and grants will be managed by LGMS.

"We are happy to be selected to modernize this critical management system," said Bill Dunn, president and CEO of Dunn Solutions Group. "It's great to be given the opportunity to improve on a system we built in 1997, and know well. And we're pleased to continue our solid working relationship with NCDENR."

Dunn Solutions Group

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