Early Registration Deadline for AWWA’s 2011 WQTC is Oct. 14

WQTC conference, to be held Nov. 13 to 17 in Phoenix, nearing early deadline

The early registration deadline for the American Water Works Assn.’s (AWWA) 2011 Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition (WQTC) is Oct. 14. WQTC is AWWA’s second-largest conference, attracting approximately 1,300 water quality professionals of all types each year. This year’s conference will be held Nov. 13 to 17 in Phoenix.

Drinking water quality is a global issue that requires constant research, evaluation, scrutiny and advancement from industry leaders. Water utilities must deal with contaminant detection, new regulatory requirements, potential health issues and increased security concerns.

WQTC attendees represent a diverse population of the water industry. Previous attendees include water quality specialists, water utility managers, scientists, engineers, academics and manufacturers. Multiple networking events will be available to bring attendees together to discuss issues and solutions relating to water quality.

More information on WQTC and registration details are available here.


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