Earth Tech Wins Wastewater Operation, Maintenance and Management Contract in Newburgh, New York

>Earth Tech, a unit of Tyco Flow Control, one of the major business units of Tyco International Ltd. has been awarded a five-year contract to provide operation, maintenance and management services to the city of Newburgh, New York for its wastewater treatment system and combined sewer overflows. Earth Tech's expertise and cost efficient approach to wastewater management were determining factors in the contract selection process.

Mr. Harry Porr III, Newburgh City Manager stated, "I'm so very happy about Earth Tech taking over the operation of our plant. We need to have a high quality management team in place to assure the professional operation of this important environmental facility. With Earth Tech taking over our operations, we will save money and enhance the quality of our management team at the same time."

Earth Tech will work in partnership with the city of Newburgh to provide comprehensive odor control and facilities operations and in effect help to revitalize the city's waterfront. "We're very pleased to be able to provide our clients with the best service and support in the industry, coupled with cost efficient and resourceful engineering solutions," said Diane Creel, president of Earth Tech.

Earth Tech

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