Jan 07, 2014

Eastern Water Quality Assn. Announces 2014 Conference

Conference and trade show will take place in Hunt Valley, Md., Sept. 24 to 26

The 2014 Eastern Water Quality Assn. (EWQA) Conference and Trade Show will be held at the Hunt Valley Inn (a new Wyndham property), in Hunt Valley, Md., Sept. 24 to 26, 2014.

EWQA offers extended certification, hands-on training, exhibit time, and mixing in a non-compete environment so no one will be disappointed that they may have missed something important and exciting. Outside activities such as golf, sightseeing and new surprises from EWQA.

For $1.60 each way, ride the train from/to Baltimore International Airport (BWI) or from/to Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor with exquisite dining, aquarium, historical sites like the birth of the Star Spangled Banner, homes of Babe Ruth and Edgar Allen Poe plus many more Baltimore sites. Enjoy Hunt Valley’s golf courses, upscale shopping and winery tours in an internationally renowned setting.

Everything experienced here can:

  • Be taken home and used in your business
  • Improve your profits
  • Help build life-long friends and relationships
  • Become an integral part of your shared networking efforts

Take advantage of the member and new member early bird discounts before April 1, 2014 and save money. Use EWQA’s discount code “Eastern Water Quality Association” for Hunt Valley Inn reservations. Contact Dean Srygley, EWQA executive director, at 302.730.3019 or [email protected] for more information.