Jan 08, 2014

Eastern Water Quality Assn. Hosts Training, Certification

Participants will learn about new technologies and equipment

The Eastern Water Quality Assn. (EWQA) will host a one-day training/certification event in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., May 1, 2014. Visit with manufacturing representatives and learn about new technologies and equipment.

Topics at the event will include:

  • When a private water system becomes public;
  • Cross-connection: what, where, when and how of backflow;
  • Chemical feed systems and disinfection;
  • Metering pumps — basic designs and maintenance;
  • Water analysis — EPA and New York presenters;
  • Arsenic overview;
  • Radon and water treatment methods;
  • Strategic ideas to increase ultraviolet sales and service; and
  • Water Quality Assn. testing and certification.

Members and new members will receive an early bird discount before April 1, 2014. Regular pricing resumes after April 1.

For pricing and early bird discounts, contact Dean Srygley, EWQA executive director, at 302.730.3019 or [email protected].