Easy-to-Use Ozone Systems Provide Disinfection for Industrial Applications

pacific ozone_industrial disinfection systems

Pacific Ozone expanded its precision control in-line pressurized ozone systems for bottled water, beverage, pure water systems and other industrial ozone disinfection applications. Available in the Summit and Horizon product lines, these fully integrated ozone contacting platforms include the ozone generator, feed gas supply, ozone contacting and gas management system with off-gas decomposition, and complete instrumentation and safety features. They seamlessly incorporate all four critical elements of ozone – feed gas preparation, ozone generation, mass transfer and complete process control – in a single stainless steel skid for easy integration. Advanced integrated ozone systems provide control and precision ozone dosing that are also easy to use.  

The combination of ozone generation, advanced ozone mass transfer, and contacting with an array of optional sensors, monitors and controls provides a platform to meet demanding industrial ozone requirements. The company’s complete ozone system products provide continuous and stable ozone concentration that is readily integrated for tight control and monitoring in an easy-to-use package.




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