Oct 25, 2010

Eaton Wins $1.3 Million Contract to Provide Filters to GTEC and U.S. Army

Contract specifies 184 mechanically cleaned filters for shower water reuse system

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corp. announced that it has secured a $1.3 million contract to provide Global Defense Technology & Systems Inc. (GTEC) of Frederick, Md., and the U.S. Army in Afghanistan with 184 mechanically cleaned DCF800 filters. These filters will be used in GTEC's Expeditionary Tricon Shower Water Reuse System (SWRS), which incorporates the latest advances in approved shower water reuse technology. The compact DCFs will pre-filter collected wastewater and remove large debris down to 15 microns prior to advancing to a micro-filter and then a reverse osmosis membrane system.

Produced by Eaton’s filtration division, the DCF filter is considered one of the most efficient mechanically cleaned filters on the market, said Eaton. They operate at a consistently low differential pressure, eliminate disposable filter bags and cartridges, reduce operator handling and are virtually maintenance-free with near 100% uptime, making them suitable for a broad range of challenging applications.