Apr 11, 2011

Eau de Vie Launches Bottle Sealing Process for Filtration System

System allows hotels and conference centers to bottle their own water

Eau de Vie launched a bottle sealing process for its water filtration system to produce low-cost, sealed bottled water for hotels and conference centers.

Bottled water is becoming a commodity that hotel guests and conference goers expect to be offered as a complimentary item. Eau de Vie has launched an onsite bottle-sealing process for its filtered water system as a simple way of supplying guests with fresh bottled water at a fraction of the cost of commercial bottled water.

According to the company, the Eau de Vie branded and sealed bottled water looks and tastes just like a premium commercial bottled water. Now, with the tamperproof seal, guests can be sure that they are getting a fresh bottle of water each time.

According to Eau de Vie, sealing the bottles is quick and easy. Once the water has passed through the Eau de Vie system it can be poured into clean screw-top glass bottles. The color-coded tops are immediately fastened to keep the water fresh and uncontaminated –a silver top for still water and gold for sparkling. Then the Eau de Vie branded seals, which are stored in solution, are placed around the screw cap and neck of the bottle. These begin to dehydrate and tighten, making a secure, tamperproof seal. This process takes about 20 minutes.

The Eau de Vie water system itself uses tap water and passes it through a special filter called SilverSix to remove the impurities that can adversely affect flavor and odor. The filtered water is then chilled to produce fresh water in both still and sparkling variants.