Aug 20, 2010

EAU Receives First Orders From International Beverage Company

EAU to install electrolyzed water CIP application

EAU Technologies Inc., a provider of electrolyzed water for high-volume, business-to-business applications, announced that the company has received its first purchase orders from an international beverage company. EAU will install its environmentally friendly Empowered Water CIP (clean-in-place) systems at three of the company’s bottling plants.

EAU previously announced the completion of the validation process for use in beverage-filling equipment as a cleaning and sanitation process for CIP applications that led to this sale. CIP applications are used in the food industry to clean stationary equipment during a product changeover and system startup. Results showed Empowered Water was able to improve current cleaning and sanitizing efficacy, minimizing the use of commercial chemicals while complying with microbiological integrity and sensory testing requirements. Testing also identified water and energy consumption savings as well as time-saving that can increase bottling production line availability.

Empowered Water by EAU is created by combining salt and potable water with an electrical charge. EAU generators create two streams of empowered water. Primacide B is an effective cleaning fluid used as a replacement for caustic surfactants and cleaners. Primacide C is stabilized, non-toxic, acidic water effective at killing pathogens during the sanitation process. The active ingredient in Primacide C is hypochlorous acid, one of the same chemicals a human body creates to fight off sickness.