Jul 19, 2012

Eco-Labeling Program to be Available Later This Year

The WQA's eco-labeling program is currently being reviewed by outside stakeholders and is still on track to be available later this year

According to the Water Quality Assn. (WQA), its eco-labeling program—which will allow companies to show consumers that their products are certified as sustainable—is currently being reviewed by outside stakeholders including retailers, regulatory agencies and academia. The program remains on track to be available later this year.

It incorporates a management standard that will be used to evaluate the corporate practices of manufacturers and component suppliers as a means of assessing their eligibility for participation and to promote sustainable practices in the industry. The draft management standard is available for review and comment by interested parties.

Two product standards are currently being developed; the first one will focus on activated carbon for use in water treatment applications, and the second will focus on point-of-use systems that use activated carbon. These product standards should be available for review later this year. During the next phase of the program, WQA will begin the development of additional standards to cover the remaining product categories. Eventually, all types of water treatment products will be able to obtain certification under the WQA eco-labeling program.

The eco-label will help companies enhance the reputation of their products while also showing government regulators that the industry is eager to advance sustainable products.

The project began in June 2011, under the guidance of an expert team of professionals inside and outside the industry, including a well-respected consulting service with far-reaching experience in sustainability. More than 30 members from around the world sit on the project's two task forces.  

WQA members are welcome to participate in the development of the eco-labeling standard by joining one of the two task forces; each of which holds biweekly conference calls.