Ecoloclean Announces Pending Amendment to Pollutant Discharge Permit

Ecoloclean Industries, Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, World Environmental Technologies, Inc. (WET), owns one of three existing State Wide Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits ever issued by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ). This permit affords Ecoloclean Industries, Inc. the opportunity, via its patented electrocoagulation systems, to treat, remove pollutants and discharge the pollutants from the wastewater back into the waters of the state of Louisiana. This discharge permit is only one of three existing permits which is active. Further, this discharge permit allows Ecoloclean Industries, Inc. to process seven different waste streams. The waste streams include marine bilge water, wash water from oilfield equipment and vessels, industrial oily wastewater, slop wastewater, storm water, sanitary wastewater and washdown water. All of which is now being treated and disposed of at the A & B Dock facility in Cameron, LA. Further, the LDEQ and EPA is reviewing adding an additional waste stream which includes E&P (exploration and production) ring levee water so that it can be processed and delivered to the drilling contractors for drill water.

With Ecoloclean’s current Electrocoagulation Units (EC Units) the company can process contaminated water and deliver potable water for human consumption. The pending amendment will allow WET to immediately move its EC units back on E&P wells for processing ring levy water thus relieving the oil and gas operators from the cost of removal by trucks which activity is presently curtailed due to the disastrous situation in the state of Louisiana.

Royis Ward, president and CEO, said, “I am very excited with the importance of this amendment to the existing permit which allow the company to again commence to process this ring water for the oil and gas operators as we did before and represents a substantial amount of revenue monthly to the company. Operators are also awaiting this endorsement, in which the correct language was inadvertently omitted from the original permit.”

Ecoloclean Industries, Inc.

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