Editorial Letter: Season of Change

June 3, 2022

This article originally appeared in the June 2022 issue of WQP as "Season of Change"

About the author:

Katie Johns | SWS Managing Editor | [email protected]

As some of you may have heard, in April, Endeavor Business Media acquired the Scranton Gillette Communications Infrastructure Group, which includes Water Quality Products, along with Storm Water Solutions and Water & Wastes Digest. This acquisition is exciting for WQP and the other brands. We’ll be able to leverage the print and digital products you’ve come to know and appreciate, so they can be an even better resource.

I know WQP has already been through a change this year with former Managing Editor Lauren Del Ciello’s departure, but we are committed to continuing to be the same resource you’re used to. In the short time I have been helping to fill in as WQP managing editor, along with WWD Senior Managing Editor Bob Crossen, I’ve learned a lot about the drinking water industry. There’s a lot of respect and inspiration in this industry. For example, I hope you’ll visit the story about Saha Global on page 12. Saha Global is a non-profit that helps women learn to treat and sell clean, affordable water to their community. To date, the organization has trained 847 women entrepreneurs who run 301 businesses, which serves approximately 150,000 people. Similarly, the story on page 6 discusses how technology is supporting access to safe, affordable and reliable water in South Africa.

While these stories highlight work overseas, I know all of you in this industry work to bring clean, safe water to those in the United States too. And that work is something we want to highlight. For a chance to be featured as our Dealer of the Month, tell us why your dealership is outstanding at wqpmag.com/nominations.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate and work with WQP, please email either myself at [email protected] or Bob Crossen at [email protected].

About the Author

Katie Johns