WaterSense Helps Americans Save Billions of Gallons of Water

June 12, 2014
The WaterSense program has helped consumers save 757 billion gal of water since 2006

Since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the WaterSense program in 2006, WaterSense-labeled products have helped consumers save $14.2 billion in water and energy bills, and 757 billion gal of water, or the amount of water needed to supply all homes in the U.S. for 26 days.

In 2013 alone, WaterSense-labeled products reduced water use by 271 billion gal. The U.S. Government Accountability Office recently reported that 40 out of 50 state water managers expect water shortages under average conditions in some portion of their states over the next decade, making these water savings increasingly important.

Nearly 3,000 water utilities, organizations, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, builders and irrigation professionals certified through WaterSense-labeled programs have joined EPA in promoting WaterSense-labeled products, programs and new homes. Nearly 11,000 models of toilets, bathroom faucets, faucet accessories, showerheads, flushing urinals and weather-based irrigation controllers have been independently certified for performance and efficiency to earn the WaterSense label.

WaterSense-labeled homes also continue to gain popularity across the country, with 316 new homes earning the label by December 2013. Multi-family units, the fastest growing area of residential construction, are also eligible to earn the WaterSense label.

In addition to water savings, WaterSense-labeled products have helped reduce the energy needed to heat, pump and treat water by 101 billion kWh since 2006, or what it takes to power more than 9.3 million homes for a year. This energy reduction eliminates 37 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions — the equivalent of planting nearly 941 million trees. 

Source: WaterSense