Dec 15, 2017

State of the Industry 2017

An overview of water quality industry trends & outlooks

WQP 2017 state of the industry report

The water treatment industry is an ever-changing sector, with new technologies, regulations and trends always on the horizon. In an effort to remain up to date on these trends,WQP reached out to its readers to bring you the 2017 State of the Industry report. This fall, WQP surveyed its audience, asking about demographics, budgeting, purchasing and industry resources. Respondents also indicated the topics and challenges that will have the greatest impact on the industry and their businesses in the near future. A total of 56 people participated in this year’s survey.

WQP is committed to keeping its readers informed on current industry issues. The editorial staff will continue to research and report on the state of the water quality industry throughout the year.

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