Dec 18, 2017

Virginia Announces Agreements to Protect Aquifers

Between 14 large users of groundwater the withdrawals are expected to drop by 69 million gdp

Virginia launches groundwater preservation agreement

Virginia has reached an agreement with 14 large groundwater users to reduce groundwater withdrawals in eastern Virginia. The agreement, according to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), will protect coastal aquifers from depletion.

The new groundwater withdrawal permits are expected to cut total allowable withdrawals by 69 million gpd, a cut of approximately 52%. These changes became necessary in light of aquifer decline for some areas as much as a 200 ft decline since World War II.

“By embracing practical, forward-looking solutions to reduce withdrawals, improve efficiency and develop alternative water supplies, we are laying the groundwork for sustained and sustainable success,” said Gov. Terry McAuliffe in regards to the new permits.