May 11, 2011

eFilterWater Offers Discounted Systems to Victims of Mississippi River Flood

Company will give residents of affect free shipping and 20% off purchase indefinitely

In response to the recent Mississippi River flooding and health risks it presents, eFilterWater announced that it is offering all residents in areas affected by this tragedy 20% off the purchase of a water filter system, as well as free shipping, indefinitely.

From the Heartland down to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River is flooding homes and farmland. Everyone understands the need for safe drinking water now while the floodwaters rage, but after the floodwaters recede and homes and businesses begin to be rebuild, drinking water dangers remain. Both municipal and well water treatment could be affected by flood damage.

With flooding beginning far upriver, hazardous wastes, including pesticides, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and fecal waste from farms are swept downriver, contaminating groundwater from which drinking water is derived. As the river sweeps through, contaminants accumulate and head downstream.

The contaminants can end up in the soil and groundwater along the entire path of the flood. Particularly high concentrations will accumulate at the mouth of the river, where all of the surging waters have flowed.

“Everyone is focused on efforts to help with the immediate situation, as is needed right now. However, as we have seen with so many major tragedies, once the immediate crisis is over, media turn to other news stories and the victims are forgotten,” said Elizabeth Fairchild, director of customer service for eFilterWater. “While the situation is ripe, we wanted to get the word out that we want to help as people start rebuilding their lives. Folks in these areas will need significant drinking water filtration for many years to come and we want to offer assistance in the way we know best.”