Electronic Control Security, Inc. Launches WISE Water Supply Security Initiative

Electronic Control Security, Inc. (ECSI), a provider of security solutions to governments, nuclear power facilities and corporations worldwide, launched their Water Infrastructure Security Environmental (WISE) initiative that provides a complete end-to-end total security envelope that protects and monitors water supply infrastructure and quality from source to faucet.

The EPA and the Department of Homeland Security have highlighted threats to the nation's water supply that include potential terrorist biological, radiological and chemical attacks as well as contamination from sources such as waste water run-off, industrial chemicals, human and farm wastes and naturally occurring radiation sources.

To monitor, detect and protect against threats to water supplies, the WISE system combines:

-- Complete video and sensor-based perimeter security capability at reservoir, wellhead, pumping station, treatment and distribution facilities to detect, deter and respond to unauthorized intrusions and attacks.

-- Fiber Optic pipeline, aqueduct and distribution system monitoring to secure the entire water supply system against threats.

-- Sentinal IP addressable computing platform for water quality remote monitoring with on-line multiple parameter sensor array to provide real time constant quality assurance at multiple locations at the sources and throughout the entire distribution system.

The development of the WISE system was a major factor in ECSI's acquisition of Clarion Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of water quality sensor applications. Clarion Systems founder Martin Harmless said, "U.S. water systems deliver over 34 billion gal of water daily through 600,000 miles of pipes. Fully securing the water supply is an immense undertaking. The Clarion Sentinal system provides a unique capability to monitor multiple water quality parameters in real time, an unmet need that is becoming more and more apparent as decision makers have become aware of critical issues that threaten our water supplies. Combined with ECSI's perimeter security technology and systems integration expertise, we have a total one stop shopping solution to securing the water supply from the well or reservoir right to the kitchen faucet."

Arthur Barchenko, chairman and CEO of ECSI said, "Our experience in securing the nation's nuclear power facilities has clearly taught us that threats to our critical power and water infrastructure require consistent dedication to superior design and technology to insure the highest standards of safety and security. Protecting water supplies from contamination and terrorist attack is clearly becoming a much higher priority, and I believe we have in place the technology and high level security experience to become a leader in this vital sector."


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