EMC, City of St. Charles Renew Management Contract

Environmental Management Corporation (EMC) has signed a 5-year, $8.1 million contract with the City of St. Charles, Mo., for management of the City's wastewater treatment system.

Mayor Patti York said, "EMC has a proven track record with the City of St. Charles, with the regulatory agencies that monitor our wastewater operations, and within the wastewater industry. We've always been very pleased with EMC's performance and their willingness to go above and beyond their contract requirements. This contract is an excellent value for the City."

EMC has operated and maintained the City of St. Charles' wastewater treatment system since 1984. Under the contract renewal, EMC will continue to manage the City's wastewater treatment system, including administering the industrial pretreatment and biosolids disposal programs.

EMC will also manage the City's fats, oils, and grease program. This program is designed to reduce sewer backups at homes and businesses, reduce wastewater collection system overflows into stormwater drainage areas, and lower operating costs for the wastewater collection system. In addition, EMC will dispose of lime residuals from the City's Elm Point water plant.

Joe Miller, vice president of municipal business development and marketing, EMC, said, "Our partnership with the City of St. Charles is a great example of how two parties can work together to create a better environment, both for residents and businesses. Having reliable utilities that use taxpayer dollars efficiently and manage assets well is necessary to attract and sustain businesses. EMC looks forward to continuing to grow along with the City of St. Charles."

The City of St. Charles' wastewater treatment system serves over 60,000 people. The system includes two secondary treatment plants, one treatment lagoon, and 13 lift stations. The system treats over 9 million gallons of wastewater each day.

Environmental Management Corp.

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