EMD Millipore Introduces Service Plan Options

Customers can choose from one of four plans for purification system maintenance

EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA of Germany, announced the availability of a new customized service plan portfolio, developed to optimize performance of the company’s range of water purification systems.

The portfolio offers customers two levels of coverage: Service Total for full coverage and Service Essential for basic protection. In addition, special plans for regulated environments (Service Total Pharma and Service Essential Pharma) can provide coverage for laboratories following cGMP or GLP guidelines.

All plans are designed to sustain specified water quality throughout a water purification system’s lifetime and to take into account criteria that are important for water purification system owners. These criteria include having a reliable supply of high-purity water in the volumes required; ensuring that the water purification system complies with regulations when applicable; obtaining dependable and efficient maintenance, with rapid intervention when needed; and having access to predictable system upkeep expenditures. Service Total plan holders can also opt for installation of Millitrack software, EMD Millipore’s diagnostic tool. Millitrack software enables point-to-point or remote access to the customer’s water purification system, as well as advanced analysis of all process steps performed inside the system.

“We’ve tailored our offer to provide an ‘à la carte’ selection of service plans,” said Eric Beguec, EMD Millipore Lab Solutions worldwide service and validation product manager. “Our comprehensive range of service plans is designed to match our customers’ application, quality and budget needs. For example, laboratories working with critical applications, such as those in the pharmaceutical or biomedical sectors, will probably select the Service Total or Service Total Pharma plan in order to benefit from all-inclusive coverage.

“On the other hand, users requiring lighter coverage for labs with routine upkeep needs may wish to choose the Service Essential or Service Essential Pharma plans,” he said.

All of the new service plans include one preventive maintenance visit per year. During this visit, an EMD Millipore factory-trained field service engineer will complete a number of checkup procedures on the water purification system. System specifications, monitoring, hydraulics, mechanics, electronic parts and operational functions will all be examined in order to ensure seamless water quality. System parts showing wear will be replaced preventively using a system-specific maintenance kit.

EMD Millipore

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