May 26, 2011

EMD Millipore Introduces Ultrapure Bottled Waters for Research

Water for Cell Culture and Water for Molecular Biology are certified for water quality

EMD Millipore, the Life Science div. of Merck KGaA of Germany, announced the introduction of two types of bottled water with certified water quality: Water for Cell Culture and Water for Molecular Biology.

The waters are produced in an ISO 9001/cGMP environment. They are subject to strict quality control tests and are delivered with a certificate of quality.

The two types of water are intended for research use by scientists performing critical cell culture or molecular biology experiments. Both water types are sterile. Additionally, Water for Cell Culture is cell-culture tested and free of pyrogens, mycoplasma, calcium and magnesium. Water for Molecular Biology is RT-PCR tested and is free of RNase, DNase, protease, calcium and magnesium.

Jean-François Pilette, lab water group product manager, explained that an EMD Millipore proprietary process is used to manufacture the bottled water. “We are able to produce high-quality ultrapure water without the need for toxic chemicals such as DEPC (diethylpyrocarbonate),” he said. “Following the purification process, the ultrapure water is aseptically filled into sterile PET containers. We have applied our unique combination of knowledge and expertise to successfully produce and control bottled water in an ISO 9001/cGMP environment.”

For easy traceability, bottles are delivered with duplicate labels, allowing one to be removed and kept in a lab notebook for future reference concerning water quality and lot numbers in experiments. A space on the label is provided for handwritten entry of the opening date by the researcher.

The new bottled water is available in a range of volumes (1 L, 0.5 L and 125 mL) and packaging options to match researchers’ needs.