Jul 18, 2018

Michigan Intends to Sue 3M Co. Over Emerging Contaminant PFAS

Following in the footsteps of Minnesota, Michigan Gov. Snyder intends to sue the manufacturer for emerging contaminant PFAS contamination

Michigan intends to sue 3M Co. over emerging contaminant PFAS
Michigan intends to sue 3M Co. over emerging contaminant PFAS

On July 13, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced that the state of Michigan intends to sue 3M Co. regarding per- and polyfluorinated substance (PFAS) contamination near military bases and industrial sites across the state. In a letter, Snyder asked Attorney General Bill Schuette to file suit against the company and any other responsible parties immediately.

3M Co. frequently has faced backlash for their products, including Scotchgard, fire retardants and nonstick cookware, which previously were manufactured using emerging contaminant PFAS, a chemical where the health implications and environmental impact are largely still unknown. Snyder said that the state intends to sue and cites cost that will be incurred in the future, according to the Associated Press.

“It is generally understood 3M was aware of the nature of its products and the threats they posed to public health,” Snyder wrote. “Despite this knowledge 3M continued to manufacture, market and sell its products containing the contaminant without disclosing to its customers and regulatory agencies the threat they posed to the general public.”

The news comes in the wake of a similar settlement in February where 3M Co. agreed to pay $850 million to fund Minnesota water quality projects, as a result of a decade long suit regarding PFAS groundwater contamination in the MInneapolis suburbs of Oakdale, Woodbury and Lake Elmo.