Jul 12, 2018

Vermont Adds Three Emerging Contaminants to Advisory

The state has expanded the list of emerging contaminants on their radar and plans to increase water quality testing

Vermont regulates three new emerging contaminants
Vermont regulates three new emerging contaminants

The Vermont Department of Health added three emerging contaminants to its drinking water advisory. Consequently, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation will be testing the drinking water in 10 schools that have used cleaning supplies containing the PFAS contaminants PFHxS, PFHpA and PFNA. 

According to Vermont Public Radio, the state set its first drinking water health advisory for PFAS in 2016 after PFOA was found in Bennington and Pownal, Vt., and that advisory was later increased to include PFOS. The advisory level in Vermont is 20 ppt for the five PFAS contaminants identified.

The schools where the water quality will be tested this week include: Warren Elementary, Lamoille Union USD 18, Brookfield Elementary, Smilie Memorial Elementary, Sharon Elementary, Grafton Elementary, Charleston Elementary, Ripton Elementary, and Eden Central School. Similar testing is underway at the Rutland Regional Airport in Clarendon, Vt., where emerging contaminant PFAS was found due to firefighting foam.

Concentrations of emerging contaminants are popping up across the U.S. increasingly, including PFAS contamination from firefighting foam in Michigan and GenX contamination from Teflon in Wilmington, N.C.