Enaly ME Ltd. Announces Release of ZO-30N Ozone Generator

New product provides sterilization in a variety of applications

Enaly ME Ltd., a manufacturer of ozone generators for water and air purification, announced the release of the recently designed ZO-30N corona discharge ozone generator to its production line.

The ZO-30N is a highly integrated corona discharge ozone generator. It is a unit with an ozone tube, ozone power and air pump in one plastic case. The ZO-30N has an air inlet dedicated for Enaly-200ml-Air-Dryer connection. The air dryer will not only remove moisture from the air, making the generator suitable for operating in humid environments, but also raise the ozone output.

The ZO-30N features low power consumption (7 W) with high ozone output (100 mg per hour), a compact design with built-in air pump and the ability to connect to the air dryer through the air inlet. It comes with two sets of hoses and diffuser stones.

The ZO-30N can be used in a variety of applications, such as residential swimming pools, commercial hot tubs, spas, residential well water, bottled water, wastewater, aquaculture or anywhere a small volume of water sterilization is necessary.


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