Jun 22, 2018

Industry News Week 6/17/18

Nelsen Corp. acquires Automated Pure Water and FWQA appoints member to board of directors

Industry news week 6/17 for water treatment industry
Industry news week 6/17 for water treatment industry

Nelsen Corp. Acquires Automated Pure Water Inc.

Nelsen Corp. announced the completion of its acquisition of Automated Pure Water Inc. The acquisition increases the product offerings Nelsen carries and extends the Automated Pure Water line to include a broader audience through Nelsen’s distribution networld of location in Ohio, Arizona, Texas and Florida.  

Treatment Experts Partner to Offer “Brine & Dine” Educational Seminars

Hankscraft Runxin LCC teamed up with Foundation Finance Co. (FFC) to offer free “Brine & Dine” educational seminars. The seminars are open to all interested dealers and will showcase Hankscraft Runxin’s new line of water treatment products, as well as highlight FFC’s flexible financing options. The seminars will kick off in Fresno, Calif., Kansas City, Mo., and Albuquerque, N.M., with future dates to be announced.  More info can be found here

Hankscraft Runxin offers new education session

Enpress LLC Pioneer Lead & Cyst POE Filtration System Expands Listings

Enpress LLC announced the new listings of its new Pioneer Lead & Cyst filtration system with individual states California and Iowa, along with its certification and listing to the NSF/ANSI 53 standard. The product is now listed with the California Water Boards Registration and the Iowa Department of Public Health Registration.

FWQA Appoints Member to Board of Directors

The Florida Water Quality Assn. (FWQA) named Cyril Brockmeier of EcoWater Systems in Tampa, Fla., to serve on the Board of Directors. Brockmeier is the manager of EcoWater Systems in Tampa, Fla., which is a full service dealer of EcoWater water treatment equipment. He assisted the FWQA Board of Directors last year and was instrumental in helping with the annual convention in Orlando last year.

FWQA appoints new board member

WQRF Names Relations and Research Manager

The Water Quality Research Foundation named Kim Redden its relations and research manager. Redden, who formerly worked for the Water Quality Assn. (WQA), has broad experience in the water treatment industry. Holding a bachelors in chemistry from North Central College and a masters in public health from Elmhurst College, Redden was previously the regulatory and technical affairs coordinator and associate advisor for professional certification and training for WQA. 

WQRF appoints new relations manager

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