Jun 08, 2018

Industry News Week 6/3/18

Applied Membranes receives award and Canature expands

Industry news week 6/3 for water quality
Industry news week 6/3 for water quality

Applied Membranes Inc. Receives Presidential Award for Exports

On May 21, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross presented Applied Membranes Inc. with the President’s “E” Award for Exports in Washington, D.C. The award is a recognition for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. Criteria for the award is based on four years of successive export growth in one or more international markets.

“Conduction business in a global market is often complex, yet our AMI family is motivated every day to make a difference in the American economy growth, create local jobs, and impact the entire world in a positive way,” said Gil Dhawan, President of Applied Membranes Inc.

Canature Group Acquires Interest in Canature Watergroup

Canature Group acquired a 51% controlling interest in Canature WaterGroup. The two groups have been in collaboration since 2009, and the agreement provides Canature WaterGroup flexibility and the capability to leverage on Canature Group’s financial strength.

“The transaction will further align corporate strategies and position the company to become a global leader in the water treatment industry,” said Don Fettes, CEO and president of Canature Group. “Canature WaterGroup will be the strategic platform to grow Canature Group’s business in North America."

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