Enpress Launches Ultrafiltration Products

Ultrafiltration products available through Enpress One — Water Filtration Simplified product offering

Enpress LLC announced the formation of an exclusive strategic partnership and immediate availability for sales and distribution of Seccua ultrafiltration (UF) products through the Enpress One — Water Filtration Simplified product offering. This strategic alignment will bring inside-out UF products to the forefront of the marketplace for point-of-entry (POE) and point-of-use (POU) applications and markets.

The high-surface-area UF systems require normal line pressure to operate, have low waste discharge when in backwash/cleaning mode, and offer low pressure drop with high service flow rates. Multiple filtration options are available, from high flow rate POU solutions to commercial/industrial installations requiring 1,200-gal-per-minute peak flow rates

Seccua and One UF systems remove bacteria, cysts, E. coli, parasites, iron, turbidity and disinfection byproducts, and can treat difficult water challenges, including frack water applications.

The systems are NSF 61 certified, and the Virex and Phoenix systems are also California, state of Washington Department of Health and Oregon Health Authority certified. They are also US LT2 compliant, and are tested for 6-log reduction (99.9999%) of bacteria and 4-log reduction (99.99%) of viruses and parasites. UF is recognized as the best barrier for bacteria, viruses, cysts and suspended solids. Removal of these items provides clear, safe, reliable water for households and businesses at a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water. In combination with a One activated carbon Blue Series filter, it eliminates human exposure to dangerous polymers used in plastic bottles and stops the needless disposal of billions of plastic bottles annually.

These One — Water Filtration Simplified UF solutions are ideal for a wide range of residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications, including service DI, restaurants, reverse osmosis pretreatment, POE for city or well water installations, rental programs, exchange systems, cottages, surface water applications, oil and gas treatment, high-purity pre- or post-filtration applications and more.

Enpress LLC

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