EPA’s WaterSense Program Finalizes Product Certification Process

More than 1,000 products have been certified to date

WaterSense has finalized its product certification system, strengthening the backbone of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) partnership program to promote water-efficient products and practices.

Since the program’s inception, WaterSense has required all plumbing fixtures be independently certified before they can bear the WaterSense label—giving consumers confidence that these products meet the program’s water efficiency and performance criteria. More than 1,000 product models in two categories have been certified to WaterSense specifications to date.

With the new, final certification system, EPA lays out the requirements for the process and procedures for the certification of all WaterSense labeled products, ensuring that only accredited bodies are licensed to certify them. This system took effect in April 2009, superseding an interim process in place since 2006.

The criteria that plumbing fixtures must meet to earn the WaterSense label has not changed, and consumers and most manufacturers will not notice any difference in the certification process.

For more information about the final WaterSense certification system, visit www.epa.gov/WaterSense/specs/certification.htm.


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