EPA Approves Non-Toxic Dental Water Line Disinfectant

American Biotech Labs has been awarded an EPA approval for a nontoxic dental water line disinfectant. This is the second EPA approval granted to American Biotech Labs.

Approved under the ASAP AG3P label, the product is a highly affective, nontoxic, waterline disinfectant. The registration number is 73449-1. In testing, not only was the ASAP AG3P product affective against water-borne bacteria, but it was also effective against saphrophitic bacteria biofilms. Biofilms are normally one of the most difficult forms of bacteria to kill. In testing, the ASAP AG3P product eliminated every single bacteria in the dental water lines.

The First EPA Approval

American Biotech Labs first EPA approval is as a nontoxic surface disinfectant. The first approval issued under the name ASAP-AGX, the product as a surficial disinfectant to be used in commercial, residential and industrial settings. Along with being highly affective at killing bacteria, the ASAP Solution(R) is also nontoxic to humans. Independent safety tests confirmed that an adult could drink four 8 oz. bottles (32 total ounces) at one sitting with no toxic side effects. Yet, at a dilution of 1/100 of the original strength, the product was proven to kill all the bacteria in raw river water in less than two minutes.

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