EPA Awards $25,000 Grant to Chippewa/East Mackinac Conservation District for Water Guardian Project

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $25,000 grant to the Chippewa/East Mackinac Conservation District to teach older adults to monitor and protect water quality in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Nineteen organizations nationwide will share almost $500,000 in EPA Aging Initiative grants. The recipients include state and local health and environmental offices, regional councils of governments, universities and community colleges, a community foundation, and aging-related non-profit groups.

The Chippewa/East Mackinac Conservation District will work with public education institutions, non-profit organizations and older residents to form a network of skilled, knowledgeable, senior volunteer Water Guardians. The Guardians will provide support to local, state and federal regulators in assessing and protecting ground and surface water in the region.


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