EPA Awards AWWA $1M for Water Security Training

EPA has awarded the American Water Works Association (AWWA) a $1 million federal grant to fund the expansion of its security and emergency response training programs.

"AWWA strongly supports utilities’ efforts to secure water supplies and prepare for emergency situations," said Jack Hoffbuhr, AWWA Executive director. "We are pleased that this funding will allow AWWA to expand its training programs and help water suppliers meet today’s high standards of preparedness."

AWWA intends to use these funds to pursue several training initiatives for community small water systems that serve populations of 3,300 to 50,000 people. Its five training programs focus on vulnerability assessment training, security hardware education, crisis communications preparation, an online emergency response planning course, and coordination planning among emergency response agencies.

The programs will benefit managers, superintendents and others involved in addressing security at more than 1,200 water systems nationwide.

The 2003 appropriation was awarded by U.S. Congress for drinking water security activities.


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