EPA Fines BIA for Keams Canyon Drinking Water Violations

Settlement includes civil penalties of $136,000 for violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act

EPA Fines BIA Keams Canyon Drinking Water Violations Hopi Reservation

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reached a settlement with Department of Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) including civil penalties of $136,000 for violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act at the Keams Canyon Public Water Supply system.

The Keams Canyon public water supply system, located on the Hopi Reservation, is owned and operated by the BIA and serves a population of approximately 2,000 people. EPA found the BIA exceeded drinking water standards for arsenic and failed to monitor for arsenic and disinfection compounds. The system is now fully compliant with these requirements.

The action follows a previous EPA order in 2011 that resulted in the BIA spending nearly $1 million dollars to install and operate an arsenic treatment system. The action is part of a larger national effort to ensure environmental compliance in Indian Country. As part of EPA’s commitment to Indian Country, the agency continues to focus attention on drinking water and on solid waste issues on tribal lands. 


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