EPA Funds $2 Million Program to Ensure the Safety and Security of the Nation's Drinking Water System

Under a $2 million funding agreement with the Office of Water, the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program is developing innovative protocols and testing technologies to monitor the safety and security of the nation's drinking water systems and supplies.

In late August, the first round of verification testing will commence on one point-of-use (POU) reverse osmosis combination unit. Two other vendors' products are planned for testing later in the fall. These devices should provide dual benefits to homeland security by offering an additional level of protection from potential biological and chemical contamination of drinking water supplies.

This step represents an accomplishment in EPA's efforts in the area of water security research and investment in new technologies. The Office of Water and the Office of Research and Development's (ORD) National Homeland Security Research Center are working collaboratively in these efforts.


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