EPA Grants New Notification to BioShield Technologies, Inc.

Expands the Use and Application of BioShield's Antimicrobial Line of Products

The EPA has granted BioShield Technologies, Inc., a new Notification to its antimicrobial line of products. This new Notification adds the use of BioShield's AM500, BSTI 1860 line of products to be utilized on exterior walls including, but not limited to, brick, concrete, stone, stucco, wood and aluminum siding surfaces.

This new Notification provides for a site use to be added to BioShield's labeling. Being able to enter into these new markets adds significant opportunity to BioShield, its clients and Global Licensee Partners by being able to provide a viable solution for the treatment of mold & mildew in buildings, monuments and governmental offices where this problem continues to be a big health concern and a costly endeavor to resolve.

Management stated, "The application of BioShield's products on exterior surfaces can benefit commercial real estate companies, governments, residential developers and homeowners by providing a cost-effective, long lasting solution to mitigate the damaging effects of mold and mildew. Currently the most commonly used solution to removing mold and mildew is to spray the surface with toxic and harmful chemicals that leach into the ground, water and streams creating an environmental problem. In addition, other chemicals can possibly damage the integrity of the exterior surface itself, creating a new problem. The other alternative is to completely replace the surface in a costly and time-consuming project. BioShield's technology molecularly bonds to these surfaces having a lasting residual effect without leaching into the environment. We're very excited about this new EPA Notification and the opportunities it opens up for BioShield and our partners."

BioShield Technologies, Inc.

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