EPA Investigates Potential Groundwater Contamination, High Nitrates

EPA will dig 41 boreholes surrounding a Wisconsin dairy farm to test water quality for high nitrates

EPA investigates Wisconsin dairy farm for suspected groundwater contamination

The U.S. EPA investigated potential groundwater contamination in central Wisconsin following resident complaints of water quality surrounding Central Sands Dairy Farm in the town of Armenia, Wisc. On May 14, EPA workers began to drill wells in Juneau County to test for elevated levels of nitrates and other groundwater contamination.

According to the Journal Sentinel, the dairy farm is a concentrated animal feeding operation with a permit to manage more than 6,000 cattle. EPA Spokeswoman Allison Lippert said the agency has received numerous complaints from citizens in the area about private drinking water well contamination and the tests are in response to those complaints.

EPA will dig 41 boreholes at depths of 30 to 34 ft and and 45 to 49 ft in an area slightly west. The owners of the farm, a Wysocki Family of Companies, want to build a larger farm in a neighboring county, which is facing considerable backlash from concerned community members.


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