EPA Launches New Water Website for Small Communities

EPA's Office of Wastewater Management provides financial, technical and programmatic assistance to help small communities achieve adequate wastewater services. This website is intended for anyone interested in improving wastewater services in small communities, including: small systems operators, community leaders, non-governmental organizations, other federal agencies and the general public.

What can I find on this website?

The following information and resources are available through this website:

• Basic Information - Overview of the challenges facing small communities to attain and maintain wastewater services.

• Grants & Funding - Opportunities available through EPA and other organizations for planning, design and construction of wastewater (and in some cases, drinking water) infrastructure.

• Technical Assistance & Training - Programs offered by EPA and other organizations to provide systems operators, community officials and others with technical assistance and training in wastewater management.

• Wastewater Technologies - Information on conventional wastewater systems and alternative technologies that may be appropriate for small communities.

• Publications - Published materials developed by EPA and other organizations to help small communities attain and maintain wastewater services.

• Tools - Developed by EPA and other organizations to assist small communities with planning, design, construction, operation and management of wastewater treatment systems.

• Related Links - Information and resources available through other federal agencies and non-governmental organizations to help small communities attain sustainable wastewater infrastructure.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

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