EPA Releases Tools to Help Small Drinking Water Utilities Monitor Drinking Water

The U.S. EPA has released a set of user-friendly multimedia products to help small drinking water utilities determine federal monitoring requirements and prepare water compliance samples under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The tool kit features an interactive Rule Wizard website that provides a complete list of all of the federal monitoring requirements for a selected type and size of public drinking water system, such as a community water system serving 3,300 people using groundwater as a source of supply.

A companion tool, Interactive Sampling Guide for Drinking Water Operators, features a CD-ROM with a video and a slide presentation that illustrates proper sampling procedures, which users can download to their local computers. Case studies are also presented on the CD-ROM to help public water system owners and operators work with state and local agencies when contaminants are detected.

A brochure, Interactive Sampling Guide for Drinking Water Operators, which provides an overview of the CD-ROM and the Rule Wizard, will be sent to EPA's state and technical assistance partners for distribution to public water systems.

The CD-ROM is available through the Safe Drinking Water Hotline (1-800-426-4791), the Water Resource Center (202-566-1729) and the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (1-800-490-9198).


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