Oct 15, 2014

EPA Settlement With USDA Protects Soil, Groundwater

Underground storage tank in Warm Springs, Va., will be regularly monitored and inspected

EPA USDA Warms Springs, Virginia Settlement Groundwater Soil

An underground storage tank (UST) at the Lake Moomaw Marina Store in Warm Springs, Va., will now be regularly monitored and inspected under a settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to resolve alleged violations of UST regulations. The Lake Moomaw Marina Store is owned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The required monthly and yearly inspections of leak detection equipment on an 8,000-gal fiberglass reinforced plastic UST that stores gasoline will help prevent soil and groundwater contamination. The regular inspections also will help reduce the need for costly cleanups from accidental leaks.

With millions of gallons of petroleum products and hazardous substances stored in USTs throughout the U.S., leaking tanks are a major source of soil and groundwater contamination. EPA and state UST regulations are designed to reduce the risk of underground leaks and to promptly detect and properly address leaks, thus minimizing environmental harm and avoiding the costs of major cleanups.

According to EPA, USDA violated federal and Virginia UST regulations by failing to conduct release detection for several months, and failing to conduct required annual testing of the leak detection system. USDA has agreed to pay a $14,143 penalty.

As part of the settlement, USDA did not admit liability for the alleged violation, but has certified that it is now in compliance with leak detection monitoring requirements. The settlement penalty reflects USDA’s cooperation with EPA in correcting the alleged non-compliance and resolving this matter.