EPCOR Launches Canada's First Major Online Energy, Water Resource

EPCOR, an an Alberta, Canada-based company with a customer base of more than 600,000, has launched Canada's first comprehensive online suite of software applications that help residential and business customers understand how they are using energy and/or water, and what they can do to use it more efficiently.

EPCOR, which selected Atlanta, Georgia-based Enercom, Inc. to develop and install its online energy analysis and management applications, offers the programs via its Web site at http://www.epcor.ca.

"This integrated online approach is unique in Canada, because we are offering information on energy and water to both residential and business customers," said Cairine MacDonald, president of EPCOR Energy Services.

MacDonald added that customers can visit EPCOR's Website to conduct a do-it-yourself energy or water audit that provides personalized recommendations for energy and water efficiency, learn the latest about the company's programs and services, access a comprehensive Energy Library and more. "We are committed to offering innovative tools that help EPCOR customers manage their energy and water use and cost," she said. "By providing this information in a single location, we become a valuable partner for our customers."

According to Paul Conlan, president and CEO of Enercom, energy and water companies are continuing to turn to the Internet as a way to proactively offer their customers interactive programs that help them understand how they use water and energy, pay their bills, sign up for new services, purchase products and much more.

"Our newest release of Water Depot® has generated a great deal of interest from private and municipal utilities," said Conlan. "This application is as user-friendly as our Energy Depot® suite of Internet programs and is designed to help educate customers on their water use and what they can do to conserve this precious resource."

EPCOR is an Alberta-based company headquartered in Edmonton with over $3 billion in assets and a customer base of over 600,000. With locations in Alberta, British Columbia, and the U.S. Pacific Northwest, EPCOR provides power, water and natural gas to its expanding customer base and owns and operates power plants, electrical transmission and distribution networks, builds and operates water and wastewater treatment facilities and infrastructure.

Enercom is a leading developer and provider of Internet-based energy and water utility application software and customer Internet gateways. Enercom provides Internet-based applications to more than 65 energy companies throughout North America to help them serve the needs of residential, commercial and large industrial customers.

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