Jul 13, 2017

Chlorine Generator Creates Chlorine From Salt Water Solution

Water-Right's patented chlorine generator conveniently creates chlorine directly from the salt water solution as it enters the unit. During the brine draw cycle, two electric probes are activated. An electric current runs between the probes, which separates the salt compound (NaCl) into chlorine (Cl) and sodium (Na). The chlorine keeps the media and inner workings of the system clean; this keeps the maintenance levels of a unit low and extends the life of the media used.

The amount of chlorine the device produces can be adjusted to fit the needs of the system; increasing or reducing power (amperage) to the electric probes accomplishes this. More power generates more chlorine and less power generates a smaller amount. Homeowners and installers do not need to worry about adjusting amperage on the device—everything is preset during factory assembly based on the specifications of the unit on which it will be used.

The chlorine generator comes standard on specific models of water conditioners and softeners manufactured by Water-Right.

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