Oct 16, 2014

Erie Water Treatment Controls Introduces New Branding

A new logo and a new brand name for the 71-year-old company

Erie Treatment Controls, erie water treatment, branding, logo

During its annual dealer event in Olen, Belgium, Erie Water Treatment Controls revealed its new trademark and brand name.

“We are pleased to announce that an evolution is taking place with our brand identity,” said Nick Govaert, general manager of erie water treatment. “Ever since it developed the world’s very first automatic control valve for water softeners back in the late 1940s, erie has been a leader and pioneer in the water treatment industry. In 2009 the decision was taken to shift the focus away from control valves, to concentrating on complete water treatment solutions. Today, the time had come to rethink and adapt our brand identity to this new business philosophy.”

Grovaert admits that the new brand name, erie water treatment, is not a radical departure from the original name. “Those in the water treatment industry that know us will continue to call us ‘erie,'” he said. “But for those that may not be familiar with us, our new identity will reflect what we actually do: water treatment, and not just control valves.”

“The new trademark is another story. Here we did want to break with the past by introducing a new brand mark; what we call ‘the globe,'” Grovaert said as he introduced the new company logo. “It is a strong visual element that is clearly recognizable to everyone, and which transcends language and region. It allows us to have different versions of our trademark depending on the region in which it is used, while maintaining overall brand recognition; like, for example, the version for China. This new trademark is not just the final step of our switch from control valves to complete systems. We see it as the start of a new phase in our rich history; in the near future we intend to expand and diversify our portfolio by adding new products and services.”