Nov 14, 2014

ETwater & AccuWeather Collaborate for Smart Irrigation Systems

AccuWeather’s customized forecasts for ETwater’s Web tool can help save water

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Weather risk managament company AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions announced its collaboration with ETwater, a smart irrigation and water management solutions firm.

ETwater’s newly launched free Web tool will combine AccuWeather localized weather data with an array of soil, plant and environmental data to create optimized usage plans that replace manual estimates and equipment, which can help enterprises and individuals save money by reducing water usage.

“We were looking for the largest, most accurate, and most insightful data set for our new services platform, and we found it with AccuWeather,” said Lee M. Williams, senior vice president of product for ETwater. “The ability to pinpoint specific locations with latitude and longitude coordinates and to relate this back to historical and forecast information about the weather has proven to be a powerful differentiator for us. This combination enables us to build a ‘hyper-local’ or zone-based ET calculation for our smart irrigation and planning systems, and to know more about rain than anyone else in our industry.”

ETwater is helping to address unprecedented drought conditions, restrictions and fines with the launch of a free Web tool and site survey that allow anyone to calculate the minimum amount of water necessary to maintain the health and beauty of lawns, gardens and landscapes.

AccuWeather provides historical weather information and microclimate forecasts, localized to latitude/longitude coordinates, which ETwater combines with soil, plant and other environmental data into an online analytical system that creates an optimized irrigation plan for any site or property in the U.S.

"Highly localized and accurate weather data is a key part of planning for virtually any type of enterprise but ETwater is a particularly vivid example of what weather data can do on a daily basis to help customers while creating competitive differentiation," said Casey McGeever, chief commercial officer for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions. "By combining ETwater’s deep expertise in smart irrigation and growing conditions and AccuWeather’s unmatched customization, localization and accuracy, we create the most intelligent systems for conserving water usage available anywhere.”

Photo: JJ Harrison/Wikimedia Commons