Apr 18, 2013

European Bottled Water Company Earns CarbonFree Certification

Jana Inc. can now provide carbon-neutral bottled water products to customers in North America

Jana Bottled Water NSF Intl. CarbonFree Certification

Southeastern Europe bottled water producer Jana Inc. (dba Jamnica d.d.) has earned CarbonFree certification from Carbonfund.org and NSF Sustainability, a Div. of NSF Intl. CarbonFree product certification is a credible, transparent way for Jana to provide carbon-neutral bottled water products to its customers in North America.

Carbon footprints, water quality and safety are important topics to consumers. An independent survey conducted on behalf of NSF revealed that 55% of safety-minded consumers are concerned about their carbon footprint, and 61% are concerned about the quality and safety of bottled water products.

Jamnica, as part of Agrokor Co., is the largest manufacturer of natural mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages in Croatia with more than 180 years of tradition. To address the environmental impacts of its products, Jana underwent a detailed life cycle assessment to measure the carbon emissions produced from its bottled water products in North America. Jana then offset its carbon emissions through investment in third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry carbon offset projects provided by Carbonfund.org, a leading nonprofit and developer of the CarbonFree Product Certification program, the first carbon-neutral product label in North America.

In addition to CarbonFree certification, Jana has held NSF bottled water certification since 2008. This program requires annual product testing and facility audits to ensure ongoing compliance with the strict quality and safety standards of the program.

"Jana is the first product in the region certified by the Carbonfund.org Foundation Inc. Thus, we are very proud to be environmentally friendly in keeping with our responsibilities as the biggest producer of water in Croatia," said Ivana Petricevic, quality director for Jamnica.

“With more companies recognizing the importance and value of offering carbon-neutral products, carbon content labeling is a vital tool for companies to market their commitment to sustainability,” said Eric Carlson, president of Carbonfund.org. “Our CarbonFree label is widely recognized by companies throughout North America as a preferred mark that assures a comprehensive process was used to achieve carbon neutrality.”