Feb 12, 2020

Illinois AWWA WATERCON2020


Based upon the responses from Illinois Section AWWA members to the free Talk SHIFT Assessment, we’re seeing some interesting patterns that will shape the topics we explore in the keynote at WATERCON. Illinois AWWA respondents are scoring slightly above the average on the assessment. 

WATERCON2020 will explore how Talk SHIFTs can help increase employee engagement, commitment and productivity.

Emotional intelligence is described as the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. The event will be exploring specific communication techniques that you can use to improve your emotional intelligence. Leaders with higher emotional intelligence lead teams that exhibit higher levels of employee engagement. According to Forbes, teams with higher employee engagement are 21% more productive than other teams. Clearly, there is a direct link between employee engagement and an organization’s ability to meet strategic goals. 

Talk SHIFTs are practical, simple, say-this-not-that rules that improve communication both at work and outside of work. They improve work communication by applying best practices from marriage and family research — while also applying the best practices from the business world to create great families. 

Take a moment to complete the free Talk SHIFT Assessment to get your personalized communication profile before WATERCON! The responses will be used to personalize the topics that are covered.

See you on Mar. 23rd, 2020! For more information and to register visit WATERCON.info